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A Prayer For Our Words

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Father God,

You are timeless and Your Word is timeless. You have given us many instructions in Your Word about our words. We are not to give false witness, not to tell a lie. We are not to take Your name in vain, not to use Your name as a curse word. And we are to use our words to lift up each other.

Father, We are all on edge. This virus is scary. All the unknowns have us anxious. And on top of it all, we are stuck at home with all our people.

Lord, You know our fuses get short. You know our worries cause our words to be less than warm-hearted at times. You know, though we love each other, sometimes we get on each other's last nerve and unkind words tumble out.

Holy Spirit, We pray over our words today. May they be good and kind and helpful. May they build up and not tear down. May they build up according to the need of the one to whom we are speaking.

If he is weary with worry, may we speak calming, reassuring words.

If she is defeated by depression, may we speak words of hope, words of victory in Christ.

Spirit Helper, Lavish our words with Your breath. Transfer Your words of grace to our tongues; words that point to our Sovereign God, words that heal and help not hurt.

May our words be beautiful gifts of encouragement for our people today and throughout this crisis.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

I pray you are all safe and healthy throughout this time.

Until next time,

May God bless and keep you,


Holy Spirit, We pray over our words today.

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