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A Prayer From Genesis

Father God,

Just as Your Spirit hovered over the surface of the waters when the earth was formless and empty, please come hover over this new year. It is formless and empty right now. Our finite minds cannot comprehend all this year holds in store. But You are infinite. You know all things. You have already seen every second, every happening, every decision, every thought, every word of 2019. This is not a new year to You because You are looking at this present from eternity. You see past, present, and future. So, Creator God, hover over this year, speak Your truth over each day and just like at creation, let what You say happen in our lives. With each passing of evening and coming of morning let Your creative Spirit, your Word of Life, create light and life and fruitfulness in us. May You look and see our hearts and minds and lives as good, excellent in every way. Breathe Your breath of life into each of us that we may live this year in the light of Your love; live as those alive with your Spirit.

As we go about the days of this year, open our eyes to see the many blessings surrounding us instead of the one thing You have kept from us. Give us wisdom to realize if You have withheld something from us it is for our ultimate good. Give us holy restraint to keep from reaching for the one thing that seems desirable in the moment but will break our communion with you in the end. May we choose relationship with You over momentary satisfaction.

How we wish we could say we will not fall prey to temptation and choose disobeidence and sin! But, Lord, we are human so You know we will. When those times of failure come along make us quick to realize them. Give us sensitive consciences that recognize even the "smallest" of sins - the wrong attitude, the "little white lie", the word spoken in haste, the lustful thought, the desire for more. Remind us often that You don't rank sin - sin is sin is sin to you. Make us quick to confess our sin and return to you. Make us strong to bear the consequences of our sin.

Holy Spirit, when we are faced with the choice to obey God or follow our own ways, enable us to always choose obedience. Slow us down enough to think before we act or speak. As we think remind us of the rewards for obedience and the consequences of disobedience; turn our thoughts to Jesus and the consequence He paid for our disobedience. Change our thought patterns so we are convinced that God's ways are better than our way every. single. time. Remind us Your ways are higher than ours and though sometimes hidden in mystery, Your ways always bring the best results. Remind us of the many times we have taken matters into our own hands, followed Satan's tempting advice of becoming like You; and like Adam and Eve - we mess things up royally!

We know becoming like You is a good thing - it's what You want, but Satan's ways are wrong. He tells us we can become our own god, we can defy Your authority and do things our way and life will be good and full and pleasant. But Lord, we know from past experience that he is a liar. His way is sin that may feel good at the time, it may even lead to a prosperous life but in the end it leaves us empty because it leads us away from you.

This year we want to draw near to You so we ask that You hover over us - over our minds, over our hearts, over our days, over our decisions - hover and turn our hearts toward You, toward Your ways, toward your word. Turn us away from selfish gain, turn our hearts away from doing life our way, turn our eyes away from worthless things. Turn them toward You. Keep our gaze fixed on the things of heaven rather than the things of earth.

May this be a year of cultivating our relationship with you, a year of allowing You to break up the fallow ground of our hearts and plant Your word deep within us. May this be a year of becoming like You by being obedient to you. May this be year of finding our worth in You not in our accomplishments, our possessions, or our position in this world. May this be a year of seeing our position as Your children and claiming the inheritance You have hidden for us in heaven. May this be a year of fruitful abundance in our lives as we allow You to hover over us with Your life-giving Spirit. And may this be a year lived for Your glory alone!

In Jesus' name, Amen.

I will be doing a series of prayers from Genesis this month as I begin my annual reading of God's word. I hope you'll join me and that these prayers will bless you as they become your own!

Until next time!

May God bless and keep you,


Father God, Just as Your Spirit hovered over the surface of the waters when the earth was formless and empty, please come hover over this new year.

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