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A Prayer: Our Roadmap

Father God,

You are the only blameless one - holy and perfect, You are. And Your precious Son Jesus is the only blameless, perfect man to ever live. He is our example in blamelessness. He is also the One who makes it clear we cannot be blameless. But He is our bridge to blamelessness, our roadmap to righteousness, our tunnel to perfection. Jesus Christ is our roadmap to maturity. He is our only hope of making it to our destination - eternity with You.

As we walk along life's road, send Your Spirit Guide to point us in the right direction. When we begin to wander along the way, remind us to pull out our Roadmap and read Him well; to not only ask, "What would Jesus do?" but to study His life - His actions and reactions, His words and silences, His ways of doing things and the times He did nothing at all. When the waters rise and we fear we'll drown in the storm, let us walk over our Bridge and face our trials with his blameless approach of always turning to You, always deferring to Your will, always reacting with the inner calm that only comes through deep and daily communion with You, Father God.

When the road becomes rocky and wrought with temptation; with curves and bends and four-way stops all along the way, prompt us to look at our Roadmap and follow His way. To walk along the road of His righteousness, allowing Him to cover us and help us navigate our way through every sharp curve, every bend we can't see around, and following His lead at every four-way stop - not turning to the left or to the right unless He tells us to do so. Rather give us the good sense to adhere to His guidance. May we cry as Moses, "If Your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from this place!"

And, Father God, when our own unworthiness, our imperfections, our sin is weighing heavy on us, keeping us from Your presence, remind us to go down low, to follow our Roadmap to the crawl space of confession, into the well-lit tunnel of forgiveness, into Christ's perfection.

As we daily follow our Roadmap may our lives become vehicles with bright lights penetrating the darkness, pointing others to the Roadmap, leading them to their eternal destination of a life hidden with Him in heaven.

In Jesus' name,


Is Christ your roadmap?

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