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Beautiful Storms

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

As a child I was terrified of storms. The first sound of thunder sent me running for cover. But now I think storms are beautiful. I love watching one roll in.

Recently I was at the beach when a storm began rolling into shore. While those around me were frantically gathering their things and running as fast as they could to get off the beach, I sat watching the dark clouds gather. The waves were tremendous, some of the highest I've ever seen. The thunder was loud and the lightning bright against the dark skies. The rains began pelting down. It was painful but still I sat. And as I sat enthralled in the beauty of it all, my mind turned to the storms we go through in life. Often we are afraid of these storms. The first sign of a trial sends us running for cover. But these storms of life have the capacity to be beautiful too.

Storms can bring us closer to God. When the clouds start gathering and getting darker we can choose to frantically gather our things and run as fast as we can away from God. Or we can choose to sit with Him and watch Him work to bring good from the storm.

Storms can be scary. When the waves start rolling over us it's our tendency to fight against them trying to swim to shore. But if we relax and trust God, He will hold us allowing us to float through the waves and causing His peace to wash over us.

Storms can be loud, distracting us from what really matters. When the thunder rolls and the lightning is blinding they draw our attention. But if we will cover our ears and train our eyes to look up during those storms, we will hear God's voice over the thunder and see His hands holding us.

Storms cause us to get wet giving us experience to help someone else when they are weathering a similar storm. When the rains start pouring down, pelting us with the sting of their force, we can try to run for cover or we can choose to let God cover us with his mighty wings. Under the shelter of His wings we gain strength and insight to know the storm will pass and when we come out on the other side we will have wisdom to help another.

Yes, storms can be beautiful. I'm praying that whatever storm you are facing today, you will choose to lean into God. Choose to relax in Him. Choose to trust Him to carry you through. Choose to hide under His wings. Choose to look for the beauty amidst the struggle. Choose to see the vibrant colors of the storm instead of looking at the darkness of the clouds.

The storms of life have the capacity to be beautiful.

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