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Genesis Prayer

Father God,

You are eternally patient with us and yet we know sin angers You to the point of bringing Your fires of judgement. Thank You for Your patience with us in our sin. Open our eyes to see the times we are most prone to sin against You, then enable us to overcome through Your Spirit within us. Father, when we want something so desperately and we feel we must have it right away instead of waiting on Your perfect timing; give us the strength to wait, endow us with holy restraint to withstand temptation and rest in You. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for so often holding us back from sins grip. We can't even know the many times in our lives that You have kept us from going against God and falling prey to the enemy. During this year we ask that You continue to guard us and open our eyes to the sin that waits at our door each day.

Help us trust You to do what You have said You will do in our lives and the lives of those we love. Remind us that the impossible is everyday business for You. The word impossible isn't even in Your vocabulary! Help us focus on You, on Your faithfulness, on Your ability, on Your provision. Father, when You ask us to give up the thing we have waited for the longest, the thing You promised to give us; help us be obedient, help us trust You enough to know if You ask for it You are able to give it back. You are able to raise our dreams from the dead if we sacrifice them to Your will. You always provide all we need in order to obey Your calling. This year help us learn the truth that the spiritual benefits we receive from our obedience far outweigh any sacrifice we may have to make; even the sacrifice of something we love or have hoped for for a long time.

Holy Spirit, Help us make our obedience complete. Show us the who, what, where, and how of our obedience. Who are you calling us to? What are You calling us to do for them? Where are You calling us to go? How do You want us to serve You? Make these things clear to us throughout this year so we may do the right next thing each day. We desire to obey You in everything.

And Father, help us to be praying people, people who seek You in every decision, every task, every endeavor. May we be people who submit to Your plans for our lives. Help us bring even the smallest concern to You, knowing You care about the details of our lives because You are a God of details. As we pray for guidance from You, give us creative ways to accomplish the tasks before us each day. Make us patient to wait for Your answers to our prayers, and when we see Your answers make our first response be to praise and worship You!

Thank You that You are a God of answers. Make us people of fervent prayer!

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Thank You that You are a God of answers. Make us people of fervent prayer.

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