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Genesis Prayers

Father God, You are a God of peace. You love when Your children dwell together in harmony. yet far too often we live in conflict with one another. Even those of the same family live in strife rather than peace. Forgive us. When we are facing a conflict, rather than running around worrying and wondering if we will come out on top, teach us to run to You for guidance. Show us how to solve our conflicts with others Your way. We want to bribe and flatter our way out. You want us to be adults and talk to each other. We want to run from conflict, You want us to face it in Your way and with Your Spirit of peace and love.

Often when conflict arises and we feel cheated out of something we feel should have been ours we become bitter and resentful. We harbor hatred. Left to fester these feelings can cause many problems. Teach us to run to You with our honest feelings. Help us bring our bitterness and resentment to You in prayer, expressing our true feelings because You are able to take those feelings and replace them with Your love, Your forgiveness, Your contentment. You enable us to forgive those who have wronged us and to love them as You have loved us. You enable us to be content with what we have rather than bitter over what they have taken. Thank You for allowing us to be honest with our raw emotions and taking those emotions and turning them to good. When we are able to forgive and live in harmony with those who have hurt us we show the world a picture of Your redeeming love.

Father, families are complicated and family relationships can be trying to say the least. Sometimes parents show favoritism to one child over another and unneeded friction if formed that carries throughout the lives of those children. Sometimes that friction is acted upon and the favorite child is abused, made fun of, ridiculed, beat up and left for dead emotionally. In those times it would be easy for the emotionally downtrodden child to sulk, to stay in the pit his siblings threw him in; but You call for a higher way. When our family relationships are marred by sin and we feel as though we have been abandoned, sold into slavery, remind us that You are with us, You do not abandon Your children because of poor choices they have made or acts of vengeance others have made toward them. You use all the circumstances of our lives to bring about Your good purposes.

Give us personal integrity, a sense of upholding our values no matter what others do to us. Make us spiritually sensitive so that our lives are marked by Your presence with us in any and all circumstances. When we are faced with setbacks help us see them as refining moments. Give us positive attitudes that transform our setbacks into steps forward. Remind us that what matters most is not the circumstances we face but our attitude toward those circumstances. When life gives us lemons, whether from someone else's actions toward us or by our own sinful actions, help us make lemonade! Teach us to exhale toxic attitudes toward our circumstances and inhale Your vision of bringing good from the bad.

Father, You know we are flawed human beings and sometimes we see ourselves as better than others. Sometimes we even brag to others about our talents and the gifts You have given us. Our bragging causes bitterness and resentment to well up in others. Forgive us. Teach us to thank You for our gifts and talents and to discreetly use them for Your glory rather than blatantly bragging about them. As Your children living in an ungodly world, teach us to be men and women of integrity who do the right thing when all around us are doing wrong. Enable us to be faithful to you and Your ways no matter what. When others tempt us, seducing us with worldly ways, make us strong to withstand the temptation no matter what the consequences may be. Remind us that the consequences of sinning against You are far greater than any thing mere humans can do to us. Give us courage to stand up for what we know is right. Give us boldness to proclaim You and Your ways to those around us when they notice our integrity, our talents, or our abilities. May we always point others to you.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Instead of reacting with bitterness and resentment, help us to forgive.

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