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Prayer for Prioritizing

I've been feeling overwhelmed a lot lately. There seems to be so much vying for my attention and I'm not sure how to prioritize because everything screams: "I'm important! You must get me done first!"

Just the other day I cried out to God about this very thing.

Oh Father! What's wrong with me?! I have so much that needs to be done but I don't get anything done. I need Your help to prioritize and organize. Please motivate my heart and mind to do what needs to be done. Please guide me to what is best and most important each day. I want to walk in Your will, Your purpose, to do Your work - the work You planned from the foundation of time for me to do at this particular time in my life.

Spirit, come guide me, speak to me, take me where You want me to be, doing what You want me to do!

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Lord, I need Your help to prioritize and organize.

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