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Saul or Paul

What type of culture do you live in? Do you conform the culture around you?

Before his conversion on the Damascus Road, Saul was a conformist. In Acts 7 we see him at the stoning of Stephen, watching as those in his culture angrily killed a man who dared live counter-culturally. Saul was of the Pharisee culture; he was a devout Jew. In Philippians 3 he gives a whole list of credentials that qualified him as a religious zealot. He persecuted those Jews who believed Jesus was God's Son, the long awaited Messiah. At the time of his conversion he was on the way to Damamscus to arrest and maybe even kill the believers there.

But God had others plans. He met Saul on that road and called him out of his conformist lifestyle and into a life of following Him. God had a special assignment for Saul; no longer would he conform to the culture of the Pharisees, no longer would he persecute those who believed in Christ. No.

God called Saul to live counter-culturally and proclaim the name of Jesus to the Gentile nations. And because Saul obeyed and become Paul we not only have most of the New Testament; those of us from non-Jewish backgrounds have Christ. I'm so glad Paul no longer conformed but dared to live counter-culturally.

How will you live? Will you be a "Saul" or a "Paul"? Will you conform to the culture of this world or will you dare to take a stand for Christ and live counter-culturally?

*This post is part of the Five Minute Friday Prompt Link-up with Kate Motaung

Will you be a "Saul" or a "Paul"?

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